VOIP Office

You know how it is when you are at work and you’re talking to a customer, trying to talk to them and the connection cuts off, and you lose that sale? This is actually a real problem, according to Nextiva. In 2019, Nextiva stated that 83% of companies lost a customer or an employee due to a communication-related issue.

Avoid this problem through our VOIP office, which enables you to make calls through the Internet. No need for local phone service. Be constantly connected to your office or workplace from your computer, even if you work remotely. If you are an employer, you can make sure all your employees, no matter where they are, are connected to the office.

Through this service, we will integrate your office communication channels into one single platform, which will enable all kinds of communication, from instant messaging to video calls, uninterrupted. Because all the communication is done over the Internet, we generally secure it via encryption among other ways. Added to that, we have been accredited and we meet the industry’s safety standards. This means you can enjoy call recording, call forwarding, conferencing, voicemail to email/text, custom caller ID, auto attendants, remote calls, and so on. All of these are instant, safe, secure, and also at a cheaper price.

VOIP is just a part of what you pay for Internet services, instead of paying for every call. So contact us today to set up VOIP for your offices and homes, and stay connected always.

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